I recently read The Children's Blizzard by David Laskin. It tells the tragic story of the blizzard that moved across eastern Dakota Territory in the early afternoon of January 12,1888. If anyone has heard stories of how it affected our ancestors, please contact me. Thanks - Sue, 3/30/08

I found this book in a search on the website. It's "Within the Artic Circle: Experiences of Travel Through Norway, to the North Cape, Sweden, and Lapland," written in 1877. Beginning on about page 49, it's talking about stopping at the Kirkvold station (??) for fresh horses. Because of the location, I believe it may be our ancestors' Kirkvold farm. Even if it isn't, the book provides a detailed description of the people and area at that time. Take a look at:,M1 Sue, 2/24/07

This website is set up so everyone can add to it. On this page, just add your message at the top then add your first name and date. - Sue, 2/24/08