Travel to Norway

Jim Winsness (a distant cousin, somehow) recommends the Storstuu Winsness guesthouse as the best place to say if you are traveling to Singsaas, Norway. Here's the link:

And check Jim's website for more information on travel to Singsaas, Norway:

Kenny and Lila Mae Kirkvold traveled to Norway with cousin Irene in about 2005. Kenny passed away in 2006 and, as far as I know, was the first descendent of Selmer and Marie Kirkvold to travel back to the Kirkvold Farm in Singsaas parish, Norway. All of Hans Kirkvold's family immigrated to the United States, but Kenny and Lila Mae were able to spend time with ____ and ____, who are relatives through Inga Marie (Langoinen) Kirkvold and her parents, Hans and ___ Langoinen.

Here are a few of the photos Kenny and Lila Mae took in Norway: